​​Check out the various organizations that support us behind the scenes to help make every production a great one!

Thank you for your continuing your generous support.

Our Current Board: (left to right)

Chenise Puchailo, Dorothy Gareau, Jamie MacRae, Chris Brown, Judy Herbert, Gwenda MacPherson, Tom Nieman, Alison Korpress and April Watson 

​​The club began from a post in the local paper in 2008/2009 asking if any Warman residents were interested in forming a drama club. After meeting with a group of individuals, we set out to find other like minded people with the same desire we had for this town... now the City of Warman.  We could see the potential for a community theater and before we knew it we had set up our organization and successfully performed our first production - "The Odd Couple" (Female Version) in spring of 2009.

It has been 8 years since then and every March we have successfully put on a production over a 3 day period; with this year expanding the production to 4 days. We have also grown as an organization with more individuals coming out to take part as directors, actors, sound / lighting, stage hands, and a number of other important volunteer positions. Our goal is to continue to promote the love of theatre to Warman and district residents by way of involvement in our annual productions. We continue to extend a warm welcome to anyone who feels they have something to contribute. As it is said "there are no small parts only small actors".

We are also very proud to be able to say that our club donates all profits from our performances back into the community.