Written by Ed Sala 

Directed by April Watson 

March 17th, 18th, & 19th

Bloody Murder Cast List

Lady Somerset - Liz Scott 
Jane - Dawn Bell

Emma - Linday Gatzke
The Countess - Meghan Lofgren 
The Major - Roger Heard
Devon Tremaine/Mr. Woo - Dewey Litwiller 

Charles/Chief Inspector Phelps - Sean Sperling
El Gato - Chris Brown
Priest - Jamie Macrae
Nun/Motorist - Gwenda McPherson 


Elise Hildebrandt - Costumes 

Romy Poisson - Props 

Heather Schatz - Makeup/Costumes

Penny Nilsen - Lights 

Tickets - Judy Herbert

Tom Nieman - Stage Manager

Gwenda McPherson - Assistant Director

April Watson - Director

2017 Production

A group of the usual British murder-mystery types gather for a weekend retreat at the sumptuous country estate of the esteemed Lady Somerset. There's the major who served in India; the inebriated, fading actor; the innocent ingénue; the exotic lady in red; the mysterious Chinese gentleman; the rich dowager aunt and her faithful maid and worthless nephew. Suddenly, one of them dies of poison! Well, of course. Oh, what fun! But wait … Her Ladyship refuses to summon the police! She says she won't go through all this, again. All what, again? And why were they all invited here in the first place? Is this actually just another formulaic, all-too-predictable mystery story? Or is it something diabolically … different? Its Agatha Christie meets Abbott and Costello; as characters rebel against their author. It's bloody murder.